About Us

Our passion for Arabian Horses starded as we were looking for a nice riding horse. We visited lots of places, and one day we saw this beautiful flea-bitten gray mare, who was for sale, and we were sold! This was back in 1997 and our passion for these beautiful horses grew from there on. The mare´s name was Silver Esmoora (1984-2011), by Espri (Espartero x Exessa) out of Silver Monsum (Grojor x Silver Samum). We decided to breed her to a straight egyptian son of Alidaar, who was standing in Norway at that time. In 1998 we got a lovely colt named Ali Tabit (1998-2011). He turned out to be a fantastic riding horse, just like his mother. Ali Tabit and Terje competed in western Trail with good results. 

Silver Esmoora delivered four fillies after that first colt and we have her grandchildren and great-grandchildren here with us.

After that first foal, our interest in breeding was established. We do not breed a lot of horses and we have this more like a passionate hobby than a business. However, we always strive to find good stallions to our mares!

In 2005 we bought a small farm so we could fulfill our dream to have the horses with us all the time and see the foal’s grow up. The farm is located near Oslo, the capital of Norway in beautiful surroundings.

Please do not hesitate to contact us. Visitors are always welcome!

Rita & Terje Snellingen
RST Arabians
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